DDrum 10th Anniversary 5-Piece Shell Pack


Since 2005, ddrum has been redefining the definition of a "production drum kit". The innovation continues with the introduction of ddrum's Limited Edition "10th Anniversary" Kit.

  • maple/alder shells
  • fixtpitch suspension mount
  • die cast drum claws & resolifts


  • 14 x 16 Floor Tom
  • 13 x 14 Floor Tom
  • 8 x 12 Tom Tom
  • 7 x 10 Tom Tom
  • 20 x 22 Bass Drum

When we began the conception of the new Anniversary kit, we wanted to make sure we incorporated some of our innovations from the previous 10 years. We started with the shell we are no stranger to, offering hybrid wood shells, and the new Maple/Alder shell is the ultimate realization of those efforts. Alder provides a warm mid-low punch and the outer plies of maple add a nice snap to the top end. The lug design is reminiscent of our Dios series. Low mass, sturdy and classy. To mount the drums, we turned to our proprietary Fixtpitch system, also utilizing our Resolifts for ultimate bass drum tone and isolation from the floor. Speaking of the bass drum, the ddrum original, a massive 20x22 kick for the ultimate in look and projection! For ease of tuning, we incorporated die-cast hoops, a nod to the Dominion series. This drum set is the sum of all the places we have been, with an eye toward where we are going next!



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