DDrum Vinnie Paul Signature Double Bass Drum Pedal


Vinnie Paul is widely recognized as one of the most influential drummers in Heavy Metal. His unique style and power are reflected in this double bass drum pedal from ddrum. 

The Vinnie Paul pedal's massive amount of pro-quality appointments make it ddrum's Flagship kick drum pedal. One of its most unique features is that it easily converts to accommodate left-handed players. It features a heavyweight solid aluminum footboard, with a fully adjustable beater cam and foot board. It also features two double-sided beaters, for option of tone, and a custom Vinnie Paul Laser engraved design, which just looks mean.

Solid construction for even the heaviest of hitters.

  • Heavyweight solid aluminum footboard 
  • Double-chain drive 
  • Fully adjustable beater cam and foot board 
  • Double-sided beater (rubber/felt) 
  • Custom Vinnie Paul Laser Engraved Design