Top Hat 2000 TC-PC Portly Cadet 6V6 Tweed Deluxe Combo Guitar Amplifier USED

Top Hat

This is an original Top Hat Portly Cadet 6v6 combo amplifier, which is along the lines of a Tweed Deluxe/ Princeton/ Harvard, with a touch of Vox AC15.  This is the 'go to' amplifier for massive overdriven, saturated vintage guitar tones in the studio.   This amp also cleans up nicely and is very responsive to playing dynamics.

Simple operation, with a boost switch to get you from full to full-on, and a super useful bright switch that sounds a great deal like switching from neck to bridge  pickup on a guitar.  This is one of those amps that just sounds great wherever you set it just like the old tweeds.  Top Hat has discontinued this model, and made very few during production, so they have become very rare and sought after.