A-Tempo Percussion El Artisano Cajon

A-Tempo Percussion

  • El Artesano is a cajon that balances the best sonic characteristics of both a traditional cajon and a Flamenco cajon. It has a warm, booming bass as well as a snappy slap tone.
  • To achieve this balance, this cajon features snare wires designed and placed to reduce their sound when playing the bass tone without sacrificing any snap on a slap tone.
  • Artisans painstakingly create the panels for the body of the cajon by selecting and using individual pieces of hardwood. Once the panels are created, the cajon is built using dovetail joints and then finished in a furniture-grade gloss finish.
  • Crafted by hand in Peru by A Tempo Percusion

Collections: Drums & Percussion

Category: A-Tempo, Cajon

Type: Drums & Percussion

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