Bogner 2001 Metropolis 112 Combo Guitar Amplifier Emerald Green USED


Articulate in the studio and as ferocious as an angry junkyard dog onstage, the Metropolis beckons you to rule your city...

The Trilogy is complete with our new, or should we say, vintage Metropolis. Forever classic, the chimey EL-84 tone blossoms into an extremely touch sensitive and dynamically expressive voice. Metropolis features a single channel circuit that responds to every nuance of your attack and shift of the guitars controls. When coupled with our optional specially designed combo or extension speaker cabinet the result is incredible projection and richness that must be experienced to be believed.

A kaleidoscope of tonal colors can be coaxed from Metropolis's two distinctly voiced inputs (non-reverb model) and the five position Schizo control. Really a sonic blender control the Schizo switch alters the voicing of the amps Gain and EQ structure and combined with the individual tone, gain and master volume controls many stellar sounds await. Deep 3-D ambience is available from the tube driven reverb option. Optional Reverb "Tone and Drive" controls allow even greater control over the reverbs attack, body and tonal shape.

This is a USED amplifier being sold in 'Excellent' condition. Photos are the actual item for sale.


  • Single channel all tube design

  • 15 or 30 watt EL84 Class A cathode biased power amp

  • 5AR4 tube rectifier

  • Gain, Bass, Treble, Middle, Volume & Presence control

  • Schizo 6 Position tone gain structure rotary switch

  • Reverb and Dry (zero download) input

  • Single 16 and dual 8 ohm speaker outputs