Bolt BTH-100 Guitar Amplifier Head USED


designed and built in the USA, features boutique amp quality, tone and design at mid-range prices. Bolt also raises the bar for tube amp design by incorporating a computer chip that continually monitors the power and preamp tubes to ensure they deliver cranked amp tone at any volume and EQ setting. Combine this with three channels, each featuring level and gain, selectable active/ passive EQ, and three selectable voicings, and you have guitar amps that allow guitarists to find the exact tone and sound they want at any volume, no matter what style of music they play.


  • Selectable 100/50-watt tube head
  • Two 12AX7 preamp & four 6L6 power amp tubes (user can substitute EL 34s)
  • Emulated Line out with 2 different mic positions
  • Front panel analog meter displays tube saturation of both preamp and power amp

Lead, Crunch, and Clean Channels

  • Gain & Level Controls
  • 3 selectable Reverbs
  • Selectable Active & Passive EQ with Bass, Mid (swept in Lead Channel), Treble
  • 3-position Voicing switch

Master Section Features

  • Level
  • Presence
  • SoloBoost with amount, On/Off & Gain/Level Select
  • Power amp Mute switch
  • 2 effects loops each with Level, Series/Parallel select, & Channel Auto Assign
  • Power amp Mute switch

Rear Panel Features

  • 50/100 Watt Switch
  • Chassis mounted Bias Switch (6L6 or EL34)
  • Output Impedance Selector
  • Slave Out Level
  • Mic position for emulated line out
  • Ground lift for emulated line out
  • Series/Parallel Switch for each effects loop
  • +4dBu/-10dBV Switch for each effects loop
  • Effects Level for each effects loop
  • Effects Loop Auto Assign (one for each channel)
  • Reverb Type Switch (one for each channel)
  • Reverb Types: Plate, Spring, Hall

Protection Racket PR5028W 28x12x12 Bag with Wheels

  • Fully padded.  Handles at both end, and one central handle.  Clear inline skate wheels.  Incredibly durable construction.  Protect your hardware investment!

This is a USED Bolt BTH-100 guitar amplifier head being sold in "Like New" condition. This head has been very well cared for, and it shows! Included with this head is a Protection Racket Wheeled, padded bag which is also in "Excellent" condition. Footswitch, cables all included.