Digitech Trio+ Band Creator & Looper Guitar Effect


TRIO+ listens and learns the chords and rhythm you play and automatically creates drum and bass accompaniment. TRIO+ now also allows you to loop and custom sequence your looped guitar parts to create full songs on the fly. 

Additional features include: Expanded Styles, FX send/return, SD card memory expansion, and simplified bass make TRIO+ irresistible.

  • Automatic drum and bass creation 
  • Multiple songs with Part Sequencing 
  • Built-in synced looper 
  • More genres, including Metal 
  • Better operation with existing pedals (included an FX loop) 
  • Simplified bass parts 
  • Quick creation of songs and removable SD card storage of songs

Collections: Effects

Category: Digitech, Effects/Pedals

Type: Pedals