Fender 1996 Ultimate Chorus 2-Channel 2 x 65-Watt 2x12" Stereo Solid State Guitar Combo USED - Black


The most striking tonal feature of the Ultimate Chorus amp is its fat, full-range chorus. Unlike many other chorus designs that can make an amp sound thin or “washsy”, our classic analog circuit actually adds depth and dimension to any style of playing— whether you’re playing rhythm or solo. Also, besides the basic Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass and Reverb controls in the Normal channel, the Ultimate Chorus features completely independent Reverb and Tone controls in the Drive channel. The DRIVE channel also features exclusive Fender® Pre- & De-Emphasis Distortion circuitry based on unique Pre and Post clipper voicing filters. These filters were designed to simulate the preamp tone settings and speaker output of an overdriven tube amplifier. You get the searing smooth highs backed by deep punch that stack amps are known for. The MID BOOST switch provides a second pre-emphasis voice and the PRESENCE control provides continuous variation of the high frequency content in the de-emphasis voicing. The extended range, three band equalization circuitry is after the distortion and can be used to further modify the overall sound of the amp. In addition, a true, stereo chorus circuit utilizing two 65-watt power amplifiers gives this amp that lush, stereo chorus sound. The Fender® ULTIMATE CHORUS is one of the most “Expressive” amplifiers ever made. In addition to convenient features like All Front Panel Mounted Controls and Jacks, the ULTIMATE CHORUS features a detachable footswitch for selecting the Drive Channel and for activating the stereo chorus circuitry. These switching functions are sent over a standard 1/4 inch phone plug for ease of connection or extension of the footswitch to remote pedal boards. The versatility of the ULTIMATE CHORUS is greatly expanded by the individual mono and true, stereo effects loops. These patch points allow for a wide variety of external effects connection schemes and amplifier slaving configurations. They also provide for direct connection to recording and sound reinforcement mixers. Last, but definitely not least, the Fender® ULTIMATE CHORUS packs a new stereo power amp section based on a radically underdamped design that interacts with the speakers in much the same way as a tube amplifier does, producing sparkle and punch with an increase in apparent loudness and power that defies comparison to other similarly rated units. These amps are LOUD, and the Fender Special Design 12 inch speakers can reliably put it out, day after day. This manual is designed to familiarize you with your new amplifier and to acquaint you with its many fine features. Read it carefully so that you will benefit from all the features as soon as you start using the amplifier. The built-in quality of a Fender® amplifier is the result of over four decades of dedication in the combined skills of research and development by our engineers and musicians.

  • Serial Number: CR-109555
  • Include 2 button footswitch with Channel Select and Chorus 

**Amp is used but in good working condition.  Recently gone over by technician.