Fender Cunife/Cobalt Chrome Jazzmaster Pickup Set


A curated set of Jazzmaster pickups that deliver the distinction of Cobalt Chrome and the warm articulation of CuNiFe™ to your instrument. Voiced by tone guru, Tim Shaw, Cobalt Chrome and CuNiFe™ is the perfect magnetic combination to unlock your Jazzmasters full tonal potential. The Cobalt Chrome bridge pickup and CuNiFe™ neck pickup bring a balanced voice and added dynamic range to this classic Fender offset design.

  • Model Number: 0992374000


  • CuNiFe
  • Right-Hand
  • Vintage White
  • Vintage White
  • Jazzmaster®
  • US


  • SS
  • Vinyl-covered
  • Neck: Threaded CuNiFe, Bridge: Threaded Cobalt Chrome
  • Enamel-coated
  • Adjustable
  • Nylon
  • Vintage
  • Neck: 9.4k, Bridge: 11.6k
  • Neck: 5.9H, Bridge: 6.7H


  • 1.40x4.80x4.90 IN


  • Vintage

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