Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster



UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION Jimi Hendrix is universally accepted across generations as the epitome of the guitar god. His story and body of work has elevated him from mere rock star to an American folk hero. The scarcity of left-handed Stratocaster guitars in the late 1960s required Jimi to flip over right-handed guitars and restring them to suit his southpaw faculties. The resulting “reverse” headstock and reverseangled bridge pickup gave Jimi’s Stratocaster a unique tonal response and a distinctive look. These custom features have been incorporated into the new Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster for the right-handed masses. As Janie Hendrix herself put it, “Jimi is Fender and Fender is Jimi.” Jimi is indelibly linked to the Fender Stratocaster guitar. Nearly every significant recording and performance in his career was played with a Strat. He abused them, broke them and burned them but never strayed from his devotion to the instrument. He is without question the most influential player to ever pick up the Stratocaster. Aspiring players will feel like they have the potential to follow in Jimi’s footsteps with this guitar and Jimi Hendrix devotees will find it to be an irresistible addition to their collection. Advanced players will gravitate to its unique look, handmade craftsmanship and pro vintagestyle components.

The opportunity to explore Jimi’s music or your own is the focus of the consumer invitation for this guitar. There’s something for everyone in Jimi’s music; sublimely melodic clean tones, distorted and effects-laden rock, wah-infused funk and roaring feedback are all part of the Jimi Hendrix repertoire. Players of all stripes will connect with this guitar as a symbol of Jimi’s free-flowing inspiration and creative genius. Aspiring to Jimi’s signature sound, his virtuosity or his jaw dropping showmanship are all reasons to check out this guitar out.

CAMPAIGN VOICE: ALTER YOUR AXIS Adopting the song title of one of Jimi’s most profoundly heavy tunes, “If 6 Was 9” (from his 1967 album, “Axis: Bold As Love”) serves as an analogy for Jimi’s artistic point of view. The concept will expand on the idea that Jimi saw things from a different artistic perspective—as a guitarist, as a songwriter and as a performer. With “If 6 Was 9,” as an overarching theme, his innovative and non-conventional statement of sound and style is positioned and celebrated. Viewing life in reverse—the way he played his beloved Strat guitar—becomes a point of inspiration to engage both ardent Jimi followers and emerging fans who are only beginning to discover his legacy.

Reverse Headstock:  The reverse headstock changes the length of the bass strings and creates a tighter playing feel; shorter treble strings make for easier bending and vibrato.

Reverse-Angled Bridge Pickup:  The reverse-angled bridge pickup produces inspiring tight, warm tone with enhanced upper harmonics and definition.

Reverse American Vintage Pickups All three American Vintage ’65 “gray-bobbin” pickups with staggered-height pole pieces are flipped, uniquely altering their harmonic structure.

Additional Features

• Large 1960s style reverse Strat headstock

• Tinted maple neck

• Six-saddle vintage-style synchronized tremolo

• Jimi Hendrix signature on back of headstock

• Engraved neck plate with Authentic Hendrix logo/ Jimi Hendrix likeness

• Made in Ensenada, Mexico

• MSRP: $899.99

• Release Date: October 27, 2015