Fender Pro 185 Guitar Amplifier USED - Black


This amp is in fair condition. Signs of wear on the tolex and grill cloth. The handle is missing. All knobs, channels, effects are functional.

These style of amps were one of the first solid state amps by Fender. The amp has two channels (one with pre and one with post EQ), the channels are able to be run in parallel mode. Has original footswitch but handle is missing (replacement handle is available for purchase!)

  • Country Of Origin: US
  • Color: Black Tolex
  • Amplifier Type: Solid State
  • Control Knobs: Red Plastic
  • Inputs: Two  (1/4")
  • Cabinet Material: Wood
  • Handle: NO HANDLE
  • Speakers: 2X12 Fender Special Design (561)