Fender Rumble 350 Bass Amplifier Head USED


This head is in excellent condition. No wear on chassis or controls.

Serial Number: CFOJ1300072


Full-featured and easy to operate, Fender bass amplification provides thick, natural, and balanced tone that sits fat in your live or studio mix. Rumble bass amps are designed by bass players and are brought to you by Fender, the company that pioneered and popularized the electric bass.


  • Full featured, professionally voiced Pre-Amp
  • Lightweight design weighs under 6 lbs
  • Overdrive effect with Gain and Blend controls (Foot-Switchable NOT INCLUDED)
  • Punch & Scoop preset EQ shapes for finger and slap style tones
  • Semi-Parametric MID controls for ultimate tone shaping
  • XLR Line Out for direct recording or live use
  • Effects Loop (Balanced for noise free connections)
  • Headphone jack for quiet practicing
  • Aux In for CD/MP3 jam Along


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