Gibson Kalamazoo 1968 KG1 Electric Guitar VINTAGE


This is a 1968 Kalamazoo KG1 made by Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This VINTAGE instrument is all original with the exception of the Bad Ass bridge. 

  • Offset Double Cutaway Masonite Body
  • Bolt-On Maple Neck
  • 22-Fret Rosewood Fingerboard 
  • Dot Inlay
  • Maple Headstock Overlay
  • Six-On-One-Side Tuners
  • Bass Ass Bridge/Tailpiece
  • Single-Ply White Pickguard
  • Single Melody Maker Pickup With White Cover
  • Two Knobs (V, Tone)
  • Jack On Face Of Guitar
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Flame Red

Here is a little history on this particular model.

Kalamazoo was an American budget guitar brand, created by Gibson to market cheaper guitars than the fine instruments they were already making for professional musicians. This marque had been used by Gibson previously in the 1930s and 1940s, and was resurrected to cope with the massive demand for entry level guitars after the beat boom of 1964/1965. They were made in Kalamazoo, but not at the Parsons street facility (plant I), rather a newer building at 416 E. Ransom Street (plant II).

The KG guitar was a simple solid-body electric, using Gibson parts on a fibre-board body made by a manufacturer in Wisconsin. The parts used also appeared on other lower-end Gibson solid-bodies: the pickups were straight from the Gibson Melody Maker, the bridge and vibrola from the Melody Maker and the Gibson SG Special and Gibson SG Jr.

It was aimed at younger players; primary colours and surf styling - early models had a Fender Mustang shape (and were available in the same three colours of the Mustang, red, white and blue), although this changed to the SG style as the sixties wore on, and that shape became more fashionable. Despite the fibre-board body, the Kalamazoo guitars had a nice maple neck with rosewood fingerboard; bolted on (rather than set as was Gibson's norm), and the same electronic components as some more expensive Gibsons.

With Gibson quality and components, and a fair price, it is not surprising these guitars sold well; a total of 23994 KG guitars were shipped between 1965 and 1969, in three colours: Flame Red, Glacier White, Las Vegas Blue. 


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