Henretta Engineering Lake Effect Guitar Effect Pedal


Henretta Engineering is the creation of long-time gigging guitar player and tinkerer, Kevin Henretta.  In 2009, armed with a formal background in hard sciences and years of industrial experience as a design engineer, Kevin set out to make a distortion pedal that gave him warm sustained saturation without sacrificing attack and feel.  That resulted in the Choad Blaster (also named Chord Blaster), which has gain recognition for its unique sound, responsiveness, and versatility.  The following year, Kevin attempted what seemed like an impossible task at the time and ultimately created the Orange Whip compressor, a hand-made, all-analog compressor circuit housed in the tiny 2” x 2” boxes players had been using for auxiliary tap tempo switches.  This started a line of small no-knob pedals and initiated a set-and-forget utilitarian design philosophy that addresses the worry of complicated pedal board setup, removes the distraction of obsessive on-the-fly adjustments, and refocuses players’ attention onto the instrument - the guitar.  Currently in 2015, Henretta Engineering is still developing its line of no-knob pedals while also releasing the occasional “traditional” pedal that still embodies the simplicity and utility for which the brand has become known.

This is a very gently USED item being sold 'as is' in "Excellent" condition.

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