Hofner 1970's 500/1 Violin Electric Bass VINTAGE


The Hofner 500/1 is closely associated with Paul McCartney and the Beatles. Paul's use of this bass in the early '60s propelled Hofner sales and turned the 500/1 into an absolutely iconic instrument. When German-made Hofner instruments were distributed in the United Kingdom, they were given model names to go along with their model numbers, and the 500/1 was dubbed the Violin Bass. It is also commonly referred to as the Beatles Bass. This design has been imitated by a number of other makers since including Vox and Greco.

  • Years of Production: 1956 - present
  • Body Style: Semi-hollowbody
  • Wood Composition: Maple body, Spruce top, Rosewood fingerboard
  • Design Elements: Bound body, glued-in neck, two pickups, dot inlays, three tone switches and two control knobs
  • Notable Players: Paul McCartney, Chris Wood

This VINTAGE instrument from the 1970's has some significant finish cracking, but it is in otherwise great condition. New hardshell case included.

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Category: Electric Bass, Hofner, Vintage

Type: Bass

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