Ibanez GWB20th Gary Willis Signature 20th Anniversary Fretless 5-String Electric Bass Guitar - Tequila Sunrise Flat


Signature features and tone for the serious bassist.

It has been two decades since Ibanez introduced the first Gary Willis Signature bass, the GWB1, in 1999. The Gary Willis signature anniversary model, the GWB20TH, celebrates this long and fruitful relationship.

GWB20TH has icons of Gary’s signature details such as a fretless fingerboard, finger ramp and special shaped machine head. On top of those familiar GWB features, this anniversary model is unique unto itself. The Ash top/Basswood body provides sparkling highs and a well-balanced tone.

The detachable finger ramp, designed by Gary Willis, encourages players to not "dig in too deep" and allows a more consistent attack with a quicker recovery time. The Ebony fretless fingerboard produces a tight low and mid range with a dramatic high end attack, quick response and rich sustain.

The Aguilar DCB pickup, installed in bridge position, uses dual ceramic bar magnets that provide a dynamic and responsive attack, perfect for all playing styles. The Aguilar DCB  has well-developed overtones and singing sustain in the body and the decay of the notes. The uniform magnetic field of a bar magnet allows each note to have an accurate dynamic response and more harmonic content. No tonal information is lost as the string moves. 

The Aguilar OBP-2 EQ is a two band EQ that can supply +/-18dB of bass boost and a cut at 40Hz and +/- 16dB of treble boost and a cut at 6.5 kHz. Those frequencies are just the right bands to make the GWB20TH sound great in any mix. Case sold separately.

  • Ash top over a basswood body designed for well balanced tone
  • Fretless ebony fretboard provides smooth feel and quick response
  • A single Aguilar humbucker that's highly dynamic and responsive for any style
  • 2-band active EQ set a just the right frequencies for maximum versatility

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