Keeley Engineering Fuzzhead Distortion Effects Pedal

Keeley Engineering

The Fuzz Head from Keeley is a unique lead boost that combines the best of fuzz and overdrive effects. Transparent, dynamic, and fully tweakable, with an NPN Germanium transistor at its heart but much more up its sleeve.

With external Fuzz and Head controls, you can easily call up a number of dynamic fuzz and overdrive effects. The unique Si/Ge switch allows you to control a secondary clipping stage by adding a pair of diodes (one Germanium, one silicon) into the circuit for smoother clipping, more saturation, and loads of sustain.

Pedal tweakers will love the internal gain control, which sets the overall range of the external Fuzz control, and the internal tone control or sharpening high-end or cutting it back. A small, flathead screwdriver is all that's needed to fine tune your tone. Three swappable capacitors are also included with the Fuzz Head, so that if you must change the low-end response of the pedal, you can.

A killer lead boost that blends fuzz and overdrive.

  • NPN Germanium transistor
  • Additional gain stage with a pair of high-gain Darlington silicon transistors for tons of volume
  • Buffered output
  • True-bypass
  • Large blue LED
  • Si mode inserts two silicon diodes in the distortion circuit for an increase in fuzz and compression for more sustain; Ge mode is natural and open-sounding
  • Transparent and dynamic

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