Line 6 Relay G10S Wireless Guitar System Black

Line 6

The Line 6 Relay G10S wireless guitar and bass system offers professional features, rugged build quality, and plug-and-play operation in a compact platform. The Relay G10S system integrates seamlessly into any pedalboard or can function as a standalone unit. It features an impressive range of up to 130 feet line-of-sight, enabling you to move about untethered on any stage.

The Line 6 Relay wireless family has been embraced by professionals for the range's reliability, ease of use and transparent sound, and the Relay G10S receiver is no exception. Plus, it's compatible with the Relay G10, G30, G50, G55 and G90 guitar wireless systems.

Unbox and rock
Getting started with the Relay G10S is simply a matter of turning it on—no complicated setup required. Once powered up, the unit immediately locates and locks onto the strongest available wireless frequency, and you’re ready to rock. You can also adjust the frequency selection manually, which is helpful to avoid interference with other band members using wireless units.


  • Full frequency response
  • No signal compression
  • Advanced audio protection
  • Designed for the gigging guitarist
  • Up to six hours of battery life with 150 hours in sleep mode


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