Ludwig L203 Speed King Pedal


In the early 20th century, William F. Ludwig set about to design a functional and reliable bass pedal for real working drummers like himself, a pedal you could carry in your coat pocket that was responsive enough to keep up with the vibrant ragtime rhythms of the day. Well, thankfully for all drummers everywhere, William succeeded, and their feet finally had something useful to do. Flash forward a few decades, and Ludwig would release the Twin Spring Speed King bass drum pedal, a super-responsive direct-drive pedal that would beat its way into the hearts of countless legendary drummers. One of the most notable Speed King devotees was John Bonham, and his can be heard smashing the skins on countless Led Zeppelin records. Not simply a reissue, this modern Speed King keeps everything that was great about the original and adds in some contemporary features to make it even better, such as improved cam bearings, a smoother and more durable direct-drive linkage, and heel plate bearings to quash the infamous Speed King “squeak.” And, it’s decked out in a high-shine polished chrome finish, so you know when this King has entered the building. 


Category: Bass Drum Pedal, Ludwig

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