Ludwig Limited Edition LS903V Vistalite Acrylic "6.5 x14" Snare Drum "Tequila Sunrise"


Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums make a solid sonic and visual statement in live concert performance. Manufactured under strict guidelines to retain shell integrity, today's Vistalite delivers pure, round tone through a fully-stabilized shell and dual reinforced seams; without succumbing to the cracking that plagued the kits of yesterday.  

Vistalite drums are available in 4 colors: Amber (47), Blue (55), Yellow (56), and Clear (38). Piece together your own custom drum kit from the many differently sized components or put yourself behind one of two standard outfits. 

Lay down the "Hammer of the Gods" sound on an Amber Zep Set, or make yourself visible behind the timeless "Big Beat" 5-piece set. 

Vistalite drums feature the popular '70's vintage blue/olive badges. Component drums come standard with Mini-Classic lugs. Large Classic lugs are also available.


Wm.F.Ludwig II first introduced Vistalite in 1972, joining Wood and Steel shells as part of the "Ludwig Triad of American Manufacturing."

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Type: Drums & Percussion

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