Marshall 1993 Valvestate 8200 Bi-Chorus Guitar Amplifier Head with Footswitch USED

Marshall Amps

Marshall Model 8200 Valvestate Bi-Chorus 200W Amp Head with Marshall 2 button footswitch. This head can run in stereo like two 100W heads in one. It can power four 4x12 cabinets.

  • Normal and Boost Channels with Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2 settings
  • a real spring Reverb tank
  • Stereo Chorus
  • 2 Effects Loops (Mono and Stereo)
  • 12AX7 high-gain tube in preamp
  • separate channel EQ controls for Bass, Mid, Treble, Gain, Contour, Volume, etc.
  • Footswitch controls switching between Channels and Chorus On/Off