Martin 1970 D-35 Brazilian Acoustic Guitar VINTAGE


Introduced in 1965, the Martin D-35 featured a unique, 3-piece back (wings are Brazilian, center is East Indian Rosewood). Brazilian rosewood was becoming harder to acquire and the three piece backs allowed the use of smaller pieces with no noticeable tone loss. Bob Johnson, who was hired in 1962 as a computer expert, later becoming a vice president of the company, came up with the idea of a three piece back, since Martin had a surplus of 6 inch sections. After a new bracing pattern was worked out, the D-35 was born! A favorite of Elvis, the D-35 was outselling the popular D-28 model within a few years of it's release.

The Martin 1970 D-35 was one of the last Martin's to use Brazilian Rosewood, resulting in a significant price drop in all models featuring Brazilian Rosewood. Brazilian Rosewood was, and is the most highly regarded wood for back and sides and was primarily used on the early pre-war guitars that we all love. Known for rich basses and crystal clear highs, as well as it's gorgeous figuring. This particular guitar has a wonderful crisp, dry tone. Very reminiscent of a 50's D28. Lots of definition and clarity with this one! With a sitka spruce top, it still remains highly responsive, perfect for fingerstyle players, or flatpicking lead lines.

This D-35 is a vintage instrument thus having very minor dings and scratches you would expect from a 46 year old instrument along with finish checking on the front of the body and some buckle rash on the back of the body. This is a very clean VINTAGE instrument. Brand new molded Martin hardshell case included.

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