Mesa Boogie 1X12 FILLMORE 23 Guitar Cabinet- Black

Mesa Boogie

Designed specifically to complement the Fillmore 50, we’re proud to introduce the traditionally-sized Fillmore 23 1x12 Cabinet. This vintage-tuned enclosure features a higher, tighter Bass response that is perfectly suited for the Fillmore. Made in Petaluma, California, Fillmore cabinets are constructed from Marine Grade, Baltic Birch with rear mounted UK-Made Celestion Custom 90 Speakers. Their open-back design is vintage-inspired focusing on size, tone & portability.

Features and Specifications

Style/TypeOpen BackSpeaker(s) & Mounting PositionCelestion C90 / Rear MountedWattage90 WattsMono or Mono + Stereo InputMonoCabinet Impedance8 OhmCastersOptional (sold separately) - Track-Locâ„¢ Removable CastersAdditional FeaturesParalleled Mono Output