Mesa Boogie JP-2C Limited Edition Guitar Amplifier Head

Mesa Boogie

Introducing the JP-2C™ Limited Edition Head from MESA Engineering® - The ultimate evolution of the legendary MARK IIC+™ circuit!

We're celebrating our 30 year relationship with luminary guitarist John Petrucci, by introducing the JP-2C™… John owns an extensive collection of MESA gear and has recorded & toured with the most iconic MESA products of the past three decades. If you were to look for a world's foremost authority on MESA gear, no doubt John Petrucci would be in the running for that title. So what would a player of his caliber and knowledge ask for in an amplifier, if he could have anything? The JP-2C is the answer to that question.

JP fans know that the legendary Mark IIC+ circuits have been favorites of his. So is this amp a IIC+? YES… it’s the next generation Re-Issue of the legendary amp so many players the world over covet and search to find.

The JP-2C strips down to bare essentials to get the job done effectively, in the simplest way. It’s a purpose-built, no compromise rendering that aims at one single goal; deliver the most aggressive, purest sounding IIC+ EVER in a versatile package that delivers the goods to meet John’s recording and stage needs. All Things Heavy! But more specifically; the highest headroom Clean sound possible, a Crunch rhythm that has Lead Channel gain available, but is tight, grinding and articulate, and the ultimate Boogie® Lead Channel with access to even more saturation and the ability to track any technique and speed while also reaching to the stratosphere for single note solos. 

In that spirit, unlike other MESA amplifiers, the JP-2C foregoes the concept of multiple voicing Modes derived from other MESA circuits and instead dedicates each of the three Channels exclusively to circuit voicing’s of the MARK IIC+, including the new SHRED Mode, which further enhances the top end harmonic layering of the original IIC+ Lead Circuit. 


    We’ve modified the PULL SHIFT feature layout of the original IIC+ to both simplify and enhance Channels 2 and 3. All PULL SHIFTS that were possible in the original IIC+ LEAD Mode are internally set to their optimized settings based upon the historical polling of savvy MARK IIC+ aficionados, artists and the MESA Design Team. We've added two new PULL SHIFT options on the JP-2C. A PULL GAIN on the GAIN control and a PULL PRES (shift) on the PRESENCE control.

    Channel 1 is dedicated to Clean sounds and is optimized for the maximum headroom possible in the preamp section. Power section clip may be employed to attain some degree of overdrive in Channel 1, albeit at very high volumes due to the 100/60-watt rating of the JP-2C power section. The more powerful our MID/BOOST control found on Channel 1 acts as a MID that has increased range to add more midrange frequencies and a “cleaner” gain-boost into the mix. 

    Channel 2 is the JP-2C’s Crunch generator. This Channel is all about aggressive, tight overdriven rhythm sounds delivered with amounts of Gain usually associated with Lead Modes or Channels. It IS in fact a Lead Channel… the LEAD Channel from the MARK IIC+ in its original state circuit-wise. To achieve the most famous, now classic MARK IIC+ grinding rhythm sounds in Channel 2, you can now employ one of two 5-Band Graphic Equalizers. This means greater flexibility and improved accuracy when crafting your sounds and allows you to arrive at a truly no-compromise set of sounds for both rhythm and lead! 

    In Channel 3, our first priority was to meet and even exceed the incredible explosive attack, blistering sustain and harmonic complexity of the very best of the MARK IIC+. Channel 3 boasts all the nuanced performance of the original IIC+ and delivers it with unbelievable authority due to the 100-watt Class A/B (versus 90-watt Simul-Class™) power section. Channel 3’s character is a little warmer, fatter and compressed and this plays well into its intended application for lead work of all styles and gain requirements. 

    The JP-2C incorporates a new voicing feature in the high gain Channels not present in the original MARK IIC+ LEAD Mode that further enhances the harmonic layering of the top end. It is especially beneficial for high gain Crunch Rhythm sounds as it lends aggression and three-dimensionality to the sound, adding a harmonic haze that rides atop the fat, grinding wall of gain. And with the ability to run SHRED active on one or both high gain Channels, combined with your no-compromise EQ choices, you can now craft the ultimate Crunch rhythm and Lead sounds in the same amp and switch instantly between them.

    The JP-2C offers the renowned tones of the IIC+ yet provides elements unimagined at the time of the original's design.

    This IIC+ is MIDI Switchable/Programmable via Control Change and Program Change messages.

    Two 5-Band Graphic EQs are on board and each are Footswitchable or Channel Assignable.

    MESA's CabClone™ Cabinet Simulator technology is built right in and provides a way to capture true amplified guitar sound, with pro studio grade sound quality and realistic feel, without the need for a mic or a cabinet.


    Format: Head (Limited Edition)
    • Finish: Black Taurus Vinyl / Private Reserve Flame Maple Front Panel in Custom Oxblood Stain with Mother of Pearl “BOOGIE®” Inlay, Mother of Pearl “John Petrucci Signature” Inlay / Custom Gun Metal Gray Anodized Amp Bezel / Limited Edition Certification Plate - personally autographed by John Petrucci & MESA's Founder, Randall Smith.
    • Dimensions: 9 1/4" H x 18 3/4" W x 10 7/8" D
    • Weight: Head: 40 lbs.