Mesa Boogie MK IIC+ Combo Guitar Amplifier Koa USED

Mesa Boogie

This is a USED guitar amplifier in beautiful Koa wood.  This amplifier has never been out on a gig. The grille is in perfect shape.  There are a few scratches on the otherwise perfect Koa cabinet. This amp has had one owner who sent it to a certified Boogie specialist at Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD and was updated to MK IIC+ specs. Also added during this modification were a switch to allow EL34 or 6L6 power tubes without re-biasing. Another switch is added to change from triode to pentode mode - this reduces the power slightly and gives more grind at lower volumes. 

This amp screams.... it's got that amazing clean sound that these amps are known for. The distortion tone are unreal. 

  • Power:  60 Watts
  • Speaker:  original EV 12"
  • Other Options:  Reverb, 5 band E>Q>, 6L6/EL34 Mod, Pentode/Triode switch Mod
  • Cabinet:  Koa
  • Grille:  Cane
  • Accessories:  Footswitch, Flight Case, Cover