NUX Bumblebee Pedalboard (Medium)


Create your own pedalboard for gigs!

Designed with the experience of crafting pedals for more than 10 years, NUX Bumblebee offers you the optimum board space. They allows you to customize your very own pedalboard in the most efficient way. You can assemble the platforms in order the way you like.

Just put your favourite pedals on a Bumblebee and create your own pedalboard for your gigs!

Large: It's designed for heavy pedal users and lovers who want extra space to put more than 10pcs regular size pedals, or some fly-rig effects and multi-effects on their pedalboards.

  • Medium: It's designed to fit 8pcs regular size single switch pedals, or 10pcs mini size pedals.
  • L: 445mm
  • W: 243mm
  • H: 90mm

Small: It's designed to fit 6pcs regular size single switch pedals. 

Double stairs, more space

With the unique double-stair design, the Bumblebee pedalboards have more space for guitarists to easily arrange and handle all the pedals. Just easily hit any footswitch on the pedal and play!

Try to put your pedals on a Bumblebee 

You can click the below link to try to put your favourite pedals on a Bumblebee. All you can see is all you can do with the Bumblebee. Go get the assignment you prefer.

There are 2 ways to use the cable organizers; you can use the clips and attach the cables, and you can use it as a holder and cables can cross inside the organizers.

Handle With Care

  • NUX Bumblebee pedalboard have 3 models: Bumblebee Large(NPB-L), Bumblebee Medium(NPB-M), and Bumblebee Small(NPB-S). You can choose a good one which fits your favourite pedals for gig. And, it comes with a light-weight carrying bag made from water repellent material.

A Versatile Hand Carry Bag Solution For The Travelling Musicians


All of the Bumblebee pedalboards (NPB-L, NPB-M, NPB-S) can fit in a 22-inch luggage, which is allowed to take as a hand carry bag during the flight. But please keep in mind that, airline companies may ask you to give your hand carry bag to the cargo unit if there is not enough space in the plane.

Included Accessories:

  • Bag Strap 
  • Dual Lock Hook And Loop 
  • Cable Organizers 


  • [NPB-M (Medium Size)]
  • Dimension: 243 (L) x 445 (W) × 90 (H) mm
  • 6 platform bars
  • Weight: 1.70kg +0.5kg
  • Weight w/ bag: 2.80kg
  • Package weight: 3.30kg
  • 8-10 Pedals


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