Rogers 14x5 Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum with Beavertail Lugs - Black Onyx


The Rogers 14x5 Dyna-Sonic Snare Drum - Black Onyx (36BKO) has a 5-Ply maple shell with maple reinforcement hoops. This Rogers Snare Drum has a triple-flanged hoop with snare gates, 10 Beavertail lugs, 45-degree bearing edges, Rogers Clock Face throw-off, Rogers Patented choke-free floating snare rail system with 20-strand snare wires, internal tone control, and an ambassador drumhead by Remo with the Rogers logo. This Snare Drum has a Black Onyx finish, fruitwood stain interior, oval Rogers Dyna-Sonic badge, and chrome hardware.


  • Manufacturer: Rogers
  • Model: # 36BKO
  • Snare Drum Size: 14x5
  • Shell Type: Maple
  • Shell Construction: Ply
  • Ply: 5-Ply
  • Color/Finish: Black Onyx
  • Misc: Handcrafted in the USA