Takamine GC-J Jumbo Hardshell Acoustic Guitar Case


The G-Series Jumbo Guitar Case from Takamine has an multi-ply laminated wood shell with a vintage style headstock enclosure so it fits your G-Series Takamine guitar perfectly. The case's exterior features a tough, Tolex covering and Providence Forge hardware, while the customized plush interior and traditional neck support system provide complete protection. There is also a spacious accessory compartment for your picks, music, and other small necessities. The guitar case has a custom grip handle for added comfort when you have a long haul.


  • Made for Takamine G-Series Jumbo guitars
  • Multi-ply laminated wood shell
  • Vintage-style headstock enclosure
  • Tolex covering
  • Spacious accessory compartment
  • Soft, padded, customized plush interior
  • Traditional neck support system