Tama Camco Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal


The Camco Chain-Drive Pedal is identical to the old original Camco chain pedal, a favorite among many players. The chain pedal has action that's among the smoothest of any pedal ever made, primarily because constant movement is always applied to the beater.

Precision Balance
The weight of the beater, footboard and sprocket are carefully balanced to deliver the maximum sensitivity.

Nylon Spring Bushing
The nylon bushing eliminates squeaking instantly.

Chain Guard
Tama's new chain guard keeps the chain on the sprocket no matter how fast you play.

Simple Chain Replacement
The chain is easily field replaceable as an assembly.

Chain Length adjustment
A simple chain length adjustment varies the footboard angle.

Beater Angle Adjustment
The spring fulcrum point can easily be changed to adjust the beater stroke angle.