Tama HP900PWLN Powerglide Double Bass Drum Pedal LEFTY


The toughest pedal on the planet with the “feel that’s unreal” is now smoother, quieter, and more durable than ever. We developed the ultimate bass drum speed machine, and we might have rested on our laurels. But at TAMA we’re always looking for a way to better our best. In collaboration with numerous monster players from stage and studio, we turned our attention to the details…  


  • New Bearing Housing
  • Cobra Coil
  • SpeedO-Ring
  • Oiles Bearing Hinge
  • "LiteSprocket" design from our Speed Cobra pedals for a more natural feel and smoother action.
  • Swivel spring tight enables the spring tension post to swivel, allowing freer spring movement and a much smoother feel.



  • Para-Clamp II
  • Spring Tight 
  • Hinge Guard Block New separate 3-piece hinge construction for greater durability
  • Super Stabilizer Design wider baseplate and frame design for increased stability


  • Vari-Pitch Beater Holder
  • Iron Cobra Beater 
The Power Glide features a double-chained offset cam which increases power and speed as the beater reaches the end of the stroke.