Tama Speed Cobra HP910LWN Double Bass Drum Pedal


The smooth, punchy Tama Speed Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal is equipped with a variety of professional features. The combination of these elite touches makes this pedal incredibly powerful and fast. For example, the fastball bearing design is based on the same precisely accurate bearings used in the ABS systems of cars and in PC hard drives. With this manufactured precision, the revolving movement of this drum pedal can be full relied upon. It is exceptionally smooth and durable. This drum pedal also features Projector Beater specifically designed for the Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal. It allows for the maximum sound and resonance by using a convex head to focus the power onto a small surface. At this precise angle, a punchy, fast tone is achieved. The beater head can be rotated to engage a larger surface if a full, projected sound is instead desired. With the newly developed Super Spring technology, the response is quicker than ever. This addition requires less force in the beginning of the pedal motion. By adjusting the Cobra coil underneath the footboard, a smoother, more natural feel can be achieved. Finally, the Tama Speed Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal features œLiteSprocket technology. Comparable to the Iron Cobras sprocket except it weights 40% less. As a result, this feature contributes an incredibly light, smooth, natural feel. For a wonderful full sound with a punchy attack that is comfortable to play, the Tama Speed Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal is an obvious choice.


  • Fastball Bearing
  • Lite Sprocket
  • Super Spring