Turner Model 1 C-LB Featherweight Lindsey Buckingham Signature Model Piezo Electric Guitar


Ever since Lindsey Buckingham took delivery of Turner #79-003, the Turner Model 1 has been highly sought after for its combination of Old World aesthetics and modern, full-bodied tonal range. Played clean, it sounds incredibly acoustic and detailed. But when the volume kicks up, it screams louder and longer than any guitar you've played. 

In a word, the Model 1 is all about versatility. Whether you’re playing the passive model running straight out with volume and tone control (push-pull coil cut) or the high-headroom 18-volt D-TAR Eclipse preamp with Turner Parametric EQ, both options allow for blending of a piezo. 

The Turner Model 1 is the pinnacle of Rick Turner's craftsmanship and tech innovation. All of the LB Series Model 1's are highly detailed instruments, featuring a 5 piece laminated maple and purple heart neck. Pegheads with Rick’s signature 5 layer veneered backstrap overlay and neck joints with multi-layer purfling. The fully bound top & back accents the Model 1's highly contoured ergonomic body. All models feature black fiber binding around the fingerboard & peghead. 

The Model 1’s feature Rick Turner's in-house-made “hot humbucker." The passive "A" models run straight out from the pickup with a volume and tone control with a push-pull coil cut switch on the tone control. Option “B” uses the same pickup but with a high-headroom 18 volt preamp (the D-TAR Eclipse) that has trim potentiometer adjustable gain which allows anywhere from 3 to 12 dB of additional gain and a buffered output. Both options “B” & “C” allow for blending of a piezo pickup “P” suffix or a second magnetic pickup.


The Turner Model 1 C-LB-P featured here is packed with many option Turner offers:  center mounted rotating coil tapped humbucker pickup, the LB parametric EQ, +/-12dB boost/cut knob, D-TAR Eclipse Preamp, and an under-bridge piezo pickup upgrade. the Turner Model 1 C-LB-P is as good as it gets.

Sonically, there's nothing this guitar can't do. The maple neck and mahogany body are lovingly hand-crafted from the finest hardwoods available. The point-to-point handwired electronics are second to none. The balance, tone, and feel of the Rick Turner Model 1 C-LB-P makes it one of the most sought-after six strings on the planet.



  • Body: Cedar Core with Amazon Rosewood Front & Back
  • Maple Set-Neck
  • Rick Turner "Hot Humbucker" pickup
  • 24 Frets
  • Turner Signature Rotating magnetic pickup
  • Standard volume control
  • Passive tone control with push/pull coil-split for single coil mode
  • Toggle switch w/LED indicator for parametric eq
  • 18 volt preamp powers active electronics
  • 12 db boost/cut equalizer knob
  • Sweep knob selects frequency to be boost or cut


    Additional CLBP Features:

    • Turner rotating humbucker pickup
    • push/pull coil cut
    • D-TAR Eclipse Preamp
    • Rick Turner parametric EQ
    • Added Piezo pickup under the bridge
    • Ships with a custom hardshell case

      Owning the Model 1

      Rick Turner Model 1 guitars are made by hand, one at a time. Each instrument is painstakingly crafted in Turner's shop in Santa Cruz, California to the highest standards of luthiery. Huber Breese is one of the few licensed Rick Turner dealers, and we stock this guitar as often as we can. However, due to simple laws of supply and demand, they do not always have a Model 1 in stock and ready to ship. 

      Exploring the Model-1 Sound

      "First, switch the EQ out. Then adjust the tone control all the way up and then blend back and forth between the magnetic and piezo pickups. This is very different from the usual Les Paul or Strat pickup selection, and acts more like a zoom lens on a camera ranging from the more mid focused sound of the magnetic pickup to the more acoustic and wide range piezo pickup, which actually has more deep lows as well as more extended highs. When you are in the "just magnetic pickup" position on the blend knob, try pulling up on the tone knob to access the single coil sound. That is a sound more akin to the middle pickup on a Strat.

      When you've learned your way around without the EQ, find a tone you like and then kick in the EQ with the Boost/Cut knob turned about 1/2 of the way up from the middle detent position. This would put the knob line at the 9:00 position relative to the detent being 6:00. Then sweep the middle frequency knob to hear how the boost affects tone at different registers. For the full out sound, crank the EQ boost all the way up and repeat the frequency sweep. If you are playing into a tube amp or distortion unit, you can use the EQ to voice overdrive harmonics. Lesser boost is great for finding nice tones into a clean amp as well. While most folks don't use the "Cut" feature of the EQ, that, too, has some very nice uses."

      - Rick Turner

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