Vox Continental Performance Synthesizer Organ 61 Key MINT- Open box


This package includes the new Vox Continental Organ reissue along with its matching stand. The same stand fits either the 73 or the 88-key model. Select the one you prefer from the dropdown menu.

A nod to the original, the all-new VOX Continental is an incredible stage keyboard optimized for live performance, with modern features. It combines an intuitive interface with excellent playability, and is equipped with a powerful selection of high-quality sounds that are ready for the stage including organ, electric piano, piano, and strings.

It has a kitty, campy and cool retro look, and naturally does a great job recreating the classic electronic organ sounds of the 1960s. The heart of many of that era's best songs, the Continental organ tone is unmistakable and items faithfully replicated here. We're in the 21st century though, so of course this instrument includes all of the sounds you might typically want to use one the course of your normal playing engagements.

The stand is likewise a throwback to the original and is really a must when you buy this keyboard, which is why ewe put this package deal together. It too is itchy, campy and cool, and has a kind of futuristic vibe as imagined in the 1960s.

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