Yamaha Handcrafted Natural Oak 14" x 5" Snare Drum


For drummers that need a drum that will cut through, but still want the warmth of wood. Don't be fooled by the name, these snare drums are much more than their name suggests.

The heart of the Loud Series snare drums is their 8-ply oak shell. This shell gives these snare drums the ability to cut through loud music without sounding brittle. Oak has a low fundamental and lots of warmth, but without losing the high-end frequencies.


  • Shell 14" x 5.5" 8-Ply oak with 8 air vents
  • Bearing Edges 45°
  • Snare Beds 2.7mm
  • Lugs Dark chrome plated Steve Jordan style
  • Hoops Dark chrome plated 2.3mm steel Dynahoops
  • Strainer H-type (Absolute)
  • Snares 20-strand hi-carbon

The bearing edge cut is 45° for attack and articulation, the snare beds cut 2.7mm deep for great snare response at all dynamic levels. The shells are drilled with eight air vents to dry the tone a bit, adding more clarity and control in situations where the drums are mic'd. All of this means that even though these drums can be loud, they do not have to be. They have great response even at low dynamic levels, making them suitable for players of all styles.
To make these drums look as striking as they sound, they are fitted with10-lug 2.3mm steel Dynahoops and 20 offset lugs, and the hardware is finished in a beautiful dark-chrome finish.


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