Yamaha RLS-1455 Recording Custom 14 x5.5" Stainless Steel Snare Drum


  • Developed with Steve Gadd
  • Includes Special 10-Strand Snare Wires (Extra)
  • Center Bead Fixed to Outside
  • Heavy-Duty Q-Type Strainer
  • Extra Loud and Powerful
  • Cuts Through Anything

Developed in collaboration with drumming legend Steve Gadd, the Yamaha 14" x 5.5" Recording Custom Stainless Steel Snare Drum includes a handful of special features that set it apart from just another aluminum drum.

When you open the box, the drum inside will be equipped with 20-strand snappy snare wires, which is fairly typical. However, you'll also find a special 10-strand set of wires in the box made to Steve's preference - it's really a 14-strand set with four inner wires cut out for a crisper sound!

The center bead along the equator of the shell is fixed on the outside to give the drum more openness and fullness. A heavy-duty Q-type strainer gives you smooth, stable snare action and it just feels solid.

If you're looking for the brightest, most monstrous sound you can get out of a drum, steel is a good choice. It can cut through just about anything.

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