Yamaha Vintage Concept Series Maple 14x6 Snare


The 14" x 6" four-ply maple shell with 6-ply reinforcing rings is modelled after some of the most popular vintage snare drums. The bearing edges are 60° with a rounded profile for maximum contact with the head. This gives the drum a warm, and woody tone, with great sustain. The snare beds are 2.7mm deep for wide dynamic response, allowing the snares to be very loose for that classic wet, funky sound or tightened up for a crisp, dry snare sound. The Vintage Series snare drums are fitted with 8-lug, 1.6mm steel hoops to minimize the amount of metal on the shell and give the drum a "soft" feel. The lugs are the small, single-bolt design used on the Oak Custom series drums.

  • 4 ply Maple Shell w/ 6 ply reinforcement rings
  • 60° bearing edges
  • 8 reduced size, single bolt design lugs
  • Warm, woody tone offering great sustain

Collections: Drums & Percussion

Category: Snare, Yamaha

Type: Drums & Percussion

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