Yorkville M-8 Powered Mixer


A new shape makes the M1610-2 and M810-2 the most versatile compact powered mixers on the market. The convenience, lighter weight and small 'footprint' of a box mixer with the tilt-back visibility and channel control access of a desk mixer makes these new 'wedge' mixers an ideal high power, high quality powered mixer solutions. High-powered high-efficiency class-H power amplifiers, newly designed input strips, on-board DSP, a new, more effective master EQ section and ten very useful and usable input channels complete the new 'wedge' mixer packages.

Yorkville Box Mixers feature heavy-gauge metal construction to withstand all the rocking and rolling associated with life on the road. High quality epoxy circuit boards coated with thick copper laminate and precision, low noise components. A large heatsinks and a variable speed fan ensure that the mixers keep their cool.

Switching power supply allows the M8 to be run anywhere in the world
Two 85 Watts (at 4 ohm) power amps (170 Watts @ 4 ohm total)
8 inputs (4 mic / balanced line & 4 additional inputs on 2 stereo channels)
Switchable phantom power on mic channels
Combi-jack XLR & 1/4" inputs
Four-band master EQ on the output
One master auxiliary send with stereo returns
Selectable source cueing and separate level control for control room / headphones output


Category: Yorkville

Type: Live & Studio Mixers