Zildjian K Constantinople Crash Ride


The 19" K Constantinople Crash Ride compliments the 16” , 17" and 18” Crashes currently in the product line. It features a new hammering technique, an additional pin lathe on the top and bottom, provides additional performance capabilities and a left side alternative, and is medium-thin in weight. These new features allow the cymbal to maintain the dark, expressive quality of the K Constantinople line sought by drummers the world over and incorporate even more overtones and nuances. The new pin lathe feature also gives the cymbal a vintage look similar to earlier K's from the 60’s.
  • Dark, expressive, complex sound
  •  Features more dark overtones and nuance than ever
  •  Can serve as a left side ride alternative
  •  Newer-style hammering technique
  •  Additional pin lathe on top and bottom
  •  Vintage look of earlier K's from the '60s

Collections: Drums & Percussion

Category: Crash/Ride Cymbal, Cymbals, Zildjian

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