Cremona 1920's Nicolaus Amati Copy Violin Outfit VINTAGE


This is a Nicolaus Amati Copy circa 1920 violin being sold with bow and case. The case appears to be original. 

Niccolo Amati was a teacher of Stradavari. Born 1596, Died 1684. His violins are considered technically perfect, and are copied much. He started with a smaller model than Stradavari. Then Niccolo worked on a "Grand Model." 

Nicolo (1596-1684), son of Hieronymus, grandson of Andrea, and nephew of Antonio, is considered the greatest instrument maker of the family. His instruments are much admired for their beautiful and penetrating, though not powerful, tone. Violins, violas, cellos, several three- string bass viols, and at least one pochette by his hand are known. 

Specimen label: 
Nicolaus Amatus Cremonae Hieronymus et Antonius Nepos fecit anno 1664
(i.e., made by Nicolo Amati of Cremona, descendant of Hieronymus and Antonius, in the year 1664)