Ludwig Supralite 8x14" Snare Drum - Chrome


The Ludwig 14x8 Supralite Snare Drum (LU0814SL) features a 1mm Beaded Steel Shell, 10 Brass Tube Lugs, 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops, P88I Throw-off, P33 Butt-plate, and Coated Drumhead. This snare drum has a mirrored, polished finish, Chrome Hardware, and Ludwig Supralite Badge.
  • Model #: LU0814SL
More Information
Manufacturer Ludwig
Model # LU0814SL
Snare Drum Size 14x8
Shell Type Steel
Color/Finish Chrome
UPC 648023133772

Collections: Drums & Percussion

Category: Drum Kit, Ludwig, Snare

Type: Drums & Percussion