Sabian FRX Ride Cymbal


If your current ride is causing headaches in your band, you have two options: get a new band, or get the 21" Sabian FRX Ride. This professional ride cymbal is fully dynamic yet specially tuned to keep from poking through a mix. There's no need to pull punches with the FRX series: micro-perforations near the bell and along the edge subdue offensive overtones without significantly impacting volume or range. This makes the Sabian FRX Ride a solid contender for smaller stages, houses of worship, pit orchestras, and close-miking applications. Sabian's lightweight B20 construction gives the FRX Ride a dark, defined attack and buttery-smooth wash that players will enjoy at home, onstage, and at all sound levels.

  • Type:Ride
  • Size:21"
  • Weight:Thin
  • Finish:Natural
  • Material:B20
  • Sound:Bright
  • Pitch:Mid