TC Electronic G Major Multi-Effects Guitar Processor

TC Electronic

With the G-Major, TC Electronic introduces a Guitar Effects Processor in the "affordable price range. You should however not be deceived by the price as the G-Major delivers true top quality processing with no unwanted coloring of your beloved guitar-tone. 

As one of the leading companies in the business of signal processing the vast amount of knowledge and experience concentrated at TC Electronic is all for your benefit. Though each product is unique it is worth noticing the success and achievement gained on other products from TC Electronic. 

Prices won for astounding Reverb quality, Compression techniques and numerous other classic TC effects such as Dynamic Delay and Chorus guaranties also the quality of this product. Logical operation via the intuitive user interface will let you setup a series of quality sounds accessible from any attached MIDI pedal in just a few minutes.

The quality of the effects in the G-Major are guaranteed, but furthermore we are confident that once you have spent a few hours twisting the few controls on the G•Major, you will start to appreciate the numerous possibilities within the G-Major.

  • 24-bit crystal-clear tone
  • 16 effects in 8 blocks
  • Fully configurable noise gate
  • 3-band parametric EQ
  • Compressor
  • Chorus
  • Flanger
  • Vibrato
  • Resonance filter
  • Phaser
  • Tremolo
  • Panner
  • Ping pong-, dynamic-, and dual delay
  • Pitch detune
  • Whammy
  • Pitch shifter
  • TC studio-quality reverbs
  • Switch among up to 4 channels on your preamp/combo without MIDI
  • Preset boost function
  • Control all key parameters via a MIDI board and expression pedals
  • Easy setup and parameter access with MIDI-learn function
  • Use up to four connected expression pedals to change parameter values
  • 1 rackspace

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