TrueTone V2RT66 Route 66 Overdrive and Compression Effects Pedal


V2 Route 66
Overdrive & Compression

In 1999, Truetone made the statement “Our Route 66 is sure to become as legendary as its namesake.” Since then, the Route 66 pedal has become a must-have for artists like Jonny Lang and Kings of Leon.

With broad flavors of Compression and Overdrive, Route 66 sounds amazing with both guitar and bass. Many players leave the compressor on all the time because it just makes your instrument sound better. The overdrive is smooth and crisp, covering everything from mild boost to cranked amp sounds.

The V2 Series Route 66 gives the same great tone guitarists have come to love over the years, plus an added noise reduction system that gives you that quiet ride you’ve always wanted. Classic compression combined with Classic Overdrive – these two effects sound great on their own, but combine them together and get the ultimate compliment to one another in one pedal. Housing and stomp switches designed by Bob Weil himself — and a noise-free experience — this version of the Route 66 has raised the bar for years to come.

Current Draw: 15-24mA

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