Viscount Physis Piano V100 - Gold


Express the beauty and passion in your music with Physis sound modelling

If you demand the highest performance digital piano in the most appealing cabinet design, then the Physis Piano V100 has been designed for you.

Physical modeling sound technology gives you the most expressive and authentic sound available.

A high-performance keyboard action with tactile “ivory sense” key tops

A resonant, wood-enclosed sound amplification system.

A powerful, yet easy-to-use multi-touch user interface.

An elegant, Italian-designed and crafted cabinet.

Viscount Physis Piano V100 Digital Key points

  • Physical Sound Modelling to give the most express sounds at your demand
  • Fatar Hammer Action Keyboard Action with simulated ivory for improved tactile response
  • Resonant wood-enclosed sound and amplification system
  • Easy to use multi-touch interface

Additional information

Number of keys



Fatar Hammer Action (HA)

Key material

Simulated ebony and ivory keys

Sound technology

Physis® Physical Sound Modelling


Unlimited, 128


6 sound families (Piano, E. Piano, Mallet, Keyboard, Ensemble, Bass/Guit)

Amplifier output

4 x 40 Watt

Speaker size

2×6'' Woofers – 2×3'' Mids – 2×1 Tweeters


Black polish

Piano stand


Dimensions and Weight

1,462 x 1154 x 448 mm, 106 kg



The Physis Piano V100 encloses the Viscount’s Physis technology in a contemporary slim design cabinet that imparts a luxurious piano-like presence. The opening-closing slow action incorporates an elegant touch panel. With the wooden ivory keyboard and the attention to detail and quality of every component, V100 sets a new top standard to satisfy your passion for piano playing.

If you would like a the benefits of sound modelling at a lower cost, try Roland digital pianos such as the LX708 that features their PureAcoustic sound modelling technology.

Sound Generation

The Physis Piano generates sound through a Patented system of mathematical algorithms. This process reproduces with absolute fidelity the dynamics and physical-acoustic phenomena of the piano – giving you the absolute most expressive and authentic playing experience.

Taking over 7 years of intense research, the Physis Piano contains six different sound generation algorithms: Acoustic Piano Model (APM), Electric Piano Model (EPM), Wurly Piano Model (WPM), Harpsichord Piano Model (CPM), Mallet Acoustic Model (AMM), High Definition Sound Engine (HDSE). This sound library has been designed and optimized to give you a set of reference sounds of a fidelity never experienced before. The expressive possibilities of the Physis Piano are limitless. This instrument gives you not only a great control over the sound, but also endless customization. You can create your own piano – modifying the length of the piano, the resonance of the strings, the morphology of the hammers and much more! Or, configure your own electric piano – modifying the position of the transducers or the size of the tone bar. Everything thanks to the amazing internal computational power which is estimated at up to 24 BILLION calculations per second!

Full Specifications

Keyboard PGK Physis Grand Keyboard – 88 graded-hammer wooden keys with “Ivory Feel” key tops. – 3 contacts – Velocity curves: 5 preset + 4 user
Sound Engines Acoustic Piano Model (APM), Electric Piano Model (EPM), Wurly Piano Model (WPM), Clavi Piano Model (CPM), Acoustic Mallet Model (AMM), High Definition Sound Engine (HDSE)
Sound Modeling (macro parameters) APM: size, tuning, resonance, hammer, string type, hit point, EPM: hammer velocity, damper felt, tone bar dimension, tine position, WPM: hammer velocity, damper felt, reed size, reed position, CPM: tangent velocity, key-off noise, pickup position, clave aging, AMM: bar material, mallet material, rotor speed, hit point, clavi panel
Sounds 6 sound families (Piano, E. Piano, Mallet, Keyboard, Ensemble, Bass/Guit), 192 preset, 192 user; Voice mode: Single, Dual, Split.
Polyphony (Physis physical models APM,EPM,WPM,CPM,AMM: full polyphony: HDSE: up to 128 notes)
Data Memory 6 memory families, 192 presets, 192 user
Song Mode usb device, demo, library, playlist
Readable Files Format midi, audio (.wav, .mp3, .aiff, .aac, .m4a, .ape, .ogg)
String Resonance Yes
Damper Resonance Yes
Recorder midi
Memories porta usb
Internal Memory 2GB
Metronome Yes
Display Multi-Touch Panel, Custom Configurable Interface, High Resolution Display (480×272 px, color, 4,3”)
Additional Controls Programmable Temperament, internal clock, file manager, transposer, view, standby
Connections Midi In/Out/Thru, Digital S/PDIF out, USB to Host and to Device, Headphone, Audio Output L/R: Unbalanced (TSR), Audio Input L/R: Unbalanced (TSR), Pedals: Sustain (gradual), Sostenuto, Soft, Controller 1 and 2: for switch or continuous controllers, programmable function
Internal Amplification 4×40 Watt / 2×6” Woofers – 2×3” Mids – 2×1 Tweeters
Dimensions (WxHxD) -1462 x 1154 x 448 mm – 57,5′ x 45,43” x 17,63″ (with closed lid) – 1462 x 1207 x 448 mm – 57,5” x 47,5”1 x 17,63” (with open lid)
Colours / Finishes White high gloss , Red high gloss, Blue high gloss, Black high gloss, Gold sunrise

106 Kg /  233 Lbs


**This piano is new but at floor model.  Has some minor nicks in the paint on the legs of the piano/stool.

In-store sale only.  Buyer responsible for transport.

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