Zildjian 20" FX Oriental Crash of Doom

Huber Breese Music

The Oriental Crash of Doom: A truly "one of a kind" monster crash. Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched, this FX monster features an immediate, explosive attack and tremendous, broad, full-bodied sustain. An exceptionally exotic sound for special effects, lay into it alone for devastating, booming accents or stack cymbals on top to unlock even more articulation and FX color possibilities.
    • "One of a kind" monster crash
    • For those looking for a booming accent
    • Ultra-trashy, very dark and low pitched
    • Immediate explosive attack
    • Tremendous, broad, full-bodied sustain
    • Exceptionally exotic sound for special accents and effects


  • Family : FX


Category: Crash Cymbal, Zildjian

Type: Unknown Type