Zildjian 20" K Custom Flat Top Ride


A darker and significantly drier ride than the regular K Flat Top Ride, rich with low-pitched, complex sonic qualities.

Beautifully mellow with a dry sound, the K Custom Flat Top Ride lets out an explosive, very low-pitched crash with an immediate, short decay. The stick sound is fairly clean on top with limited wash. Compared to the regular K Flat Ride, the K Custom version is significantly darker and drier, creating a cymbal that is rich and complex.
  • Beautifully mellow, dry sound
  •  Flat profile with no cup
  •  Explosive, very low-pitched crash with immediate short decay
  •  Fairly clean stick sound with little wash
  •  Darker and significantly drier than regular K Flat Top Ride


    • SKU : K0882
    •  Family : K Family
    •  Type : Ride