Fender Custom Shop Pinball Wizard Amplifier


The “Wizard” amplifier built by Fender’s custom amp expert Jim Dolmage is a true pop culture memorabilia–using parts and materials from a vintage pinball machine. A showpiece that will appeal to guitar, pinball machine, movie memorabilia and Americana collectors alike

The Wizard amplifier’s enclosure is constructed entirely from wood and metal recycled from the 40-year old Bally® pinball machine. The original vintage stenciled paintwork gives off an almost “carnival” atmosphere with a rattlesnake motif inside and out. The heavy plywood and metal trim lend a significant “attack” to the expressive sound of the ’57 Custom Pro-Amp circuitry, which is warmed up by the stout 15-inch Eminence® speaker.

This is the only one in the world!!