Fender Vintera '50s Vintage Telecaster Pickup Set


Fender Vintera '50's Tele pickups produce the crisp, snarling tone that put Fender on the musical map. The bridge pickup features alnico 3 magnets that are flush-mounted for vintage "Blackguard" bite and the neck pickup uses alnico 2 for rich, detailed warmth found in early 50's Telecasters.

  • Style: Vintage-Style
  • Configuration: SS
  • Magnet Type: Neck: Alnico 2, Bridge: Alnico 3
  • Magnet Wire: Formvar-coated
  • DC Resistance: Neck: 7.8k, Bridge: 7.75k
  • Inductance: Neck: 2.1 Henries, Bridge: 4.09 Henries
  • Bobbin Material: Fiber
  • Lead Wire: Vinyl-covered
  • Pole Pieces: Flush-mount
  • Tone: Vintage
  • Output: Vintage

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