GR Bass One 800 800W Bass Amplifier Head

GR Bass

Lightweight, portable but powerful, the GR ONE series will surprise you with its quality and incredible power. The ONE series takes up and perfects the philosophy of PURE SOUND, a fundamental characteristic of GR products. A 4-band equalizer will allow you to sculpt the sound according to your needs but that’s not all: you can choose 6 frequencies for the mids, and the deep and bright filters will allow you to add punch and / or definition to the equalization.

Through the “PURE” switch you can exclude filters and equalizer and have a completely flat sound to be combined if necessary with an external equalizer, a very useful function when using different instruments in a concert. The 24-LED V Meter in 6 different modes (can also be excluded if necessary) also associates an extremely precise tuner mode, always active in “Mute” mode or activated during normal use, choosing it from the six available LED modes. The Aux-In allows you to connect an external sound source (Tablet, Smartphone) and the headphone output with separate volume control, it also allows an independent monitoring system. The D.I. of the GR ONE, recognized as one of the best, is perfect for use in professional contexts both live and in the studio.


  • Power: 800W RMS 4ohm / 400 RMS 8 Ohm
  • Colour: Black
  • Front Panel
    • Tuner/ Vu-Meter
    •  Input 
    • Aux In
    • Gain
    • Deep Filter
    • Low
    • Mid Low-Mid High
    • High Bright Filter
    •  3 Frequencies for Mid Low - High
    • Pure Sound 
    • Volume DI (Anti Bump)
    • Headphone Master Output
    • Master 
    • Mute
  • Rear Panel
    • Input 230-115v (Auto Selectable)9V 300mASend/Return
    • Pre/Post DI
    • Ground Lift
    • DI Output
    • Speakon Channel 1
    • Speakon Channel 2
    • Fan (Studio/Live Mode)

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