Marshall 1997 Anniversary Limited Edition 50W Guitar Amplifier Stack w/ PB100 Powerbrake Attenuator USED - White

Marshall Amps

This unit is in excellent condition. Very little wear on vinyl, grillcloth, and controls.

Will be sold as a 3-piece set, consisting of the 50W head, 1960AX 100W 4x12" cabinet, and PB100 Powerbrake attenuator.

Comes with cover for cabinet and foot switch.


Wattage: 50W

Controls: Power, Standby, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, High Treble/Loudness 1, Normal/Loudness 2

Channels: 2

Inputs: 4

Cabinet: 1960AX

Speakers: 4X12", Celestion Greenback

Ohm: 16

Attenuator: PB100, Power Brake 100